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Frequently Asked Questions: Get clarity on what Capximize is about

Organizations of all sizes including large conglomerates, global companies to micro small and medium enterprises can join. The only criteria: you must be from one of the following sectors.

At some point or the other, every manufacturing organization looks for new ways to utilize its capacity, the old methods alone don’t work. Similarly, there are organizations like exporters, importers, OEMs and others always on the lookout for new sources of supply.

Traditionally, identification of new suppliers and buyers has been done manually, through one’s contacts, incoming enquiries etc.

Capximize is an online platform where the process of finding organizations – with surplus capacity or of finding manufacturers needing capacity – has been automated. It is also simple to use and free to join. This is proving a popular platform.

To know more, also need to check out Why join Capximize and Why join Capximize: some use cases.

It takes not more than 15-20 minutes to sign-up and join Capximize.

As a Capximizer, you are an organization that has manufacturing capacity available in your manufacturing units in surplus i.e. you can produce more than what your business presently needs.

As a Capximizee, you are an organization be located anywhere in the world and are looking for capacity for your business requirements.

Membership of Capximize, for registering with your Capacity / Capability / Compliance details OR Searching for companies with available capacities, as well as getting matches of organizations as per one’s choice is all currently free for the first 3 months.

Yes. Your data is both secure and confidential. For details, please see our Security & confidentiality page.

Yes, you may call us at 022-46084595 between 0900 hrs and 1900 hrs IST, Mon to Sat

Yes. Please contact us on 022-46084595 or email us at and we will help you register on Capximize for both the requirements.

No, we are not a networking site, you will not get to interact with other members. Your profile data will, in fact,  be completely anonymous. Think of matrimonial, job or real estate sites which connect two interested parties. That’s what we are.

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