Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

A: One of very frequently asked questions. Yes, you can be either a Capximizer  or Capximizee or both on the platform, however, both the accounts will need different login details.

To start with, established in 2020, Capximize India is an Indian Startup that has created the Capximize platform for surplus manufacturing capacities.


Firstly, on supply side, the platform consists of Capximizers – Entities having surplus manufacturing capacities. While on the demand side are Capximizees – Entities seeking manufacturing capacities.

Platform is eventually helping in the digitization of Indian Manufacturing capacities. It helps companies in finding contract manufacturing companies for job work or outsourcing of manufacturing requirements easily.

On Capximize platform, following entities can benefit-


To avail the benefits, Capximizers can easily register and upload their surplus manufacturing capacities. For the Capximizees, the platform enables discovery of pan-India manufacturing capacities and help them find the right Capximizer for their manufacturing needs.

A: Capximizers and Capximizees both can register

Capximizers (Capacity Providers)

They are manufacturing companies, who are looking for additional business, and currently have surplus capacities. They can enroll and upload their surplus manufacturing capacities on the platform to become a member on the platform very easily.

Capximizees (Capacity Seekers)

To start with, they can be from anywhere in the world. They are entities who are seeking manufacturing capacities currently, hence they can also enroll and and become a member on the platform.

A: Another of frequently asked questions. Currently the registration is free.

As of now there are no annual charges, however the platform will charge a Very nominal annual data maintenance and security fees going forward. We will regularly update you regarding charges.

A: You can access Tutorial video once you register and login into respective sectors. For any help, you can write to us at contactus@capximize.com, by sharing your Unique Identification Number* (UID) as reference in the email subject. Capximize team will revert to you at the earliest.

* Registered Capximize members receive a Unique Identification Number (UID).

A: Following is the primary list of Infrastructure level data security on the platform:

  • Platform is cloud based and secured platform – “https”
  • No third party access to data at any point, and data is kept in a completely secured environment
  • Data Encryption – data is masked hence can’t be seen by anyone
  • Regular Data Back-ups
  • Firewall  to prevent attacks on infrastructure
  • Session time-outs configured to prevent hijack of your session

Another of frequently asked questions.

No! Your data can certainly not be seen by anybody else, except you.

Data Confidentiality features on the platform:
  • To start with, every user on the platform gets a Unique Identification Number – UID. As a result, all members will be known on the platform by this UID and not by their name or any other identification.
  • It’s a Tenant Based Platform, meaning, the users can see only their information, not other’s for instance.
  • Users are suggested to set up strong passwords, hence not easy for others to guess
  • One needs an OTP to log into the system always. The user’s receive OTP on registered email id / phone number.

A: You can write to us at contactus@capximize.com for any information; we would revert to you at the earliest.

You can also call us at +91 22 4608 4595 or +91 22 2630 1256 and ask for Customer Support for faster information.

A: You are welcome to be a part of the Capximize ecosystem for which you can write to us at contactus@capximize.com with your proposition; we would revert to you at the earliest.