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The size of India’s auto components sector is $57 billion with an export component of $15 billion. A growing domestic market for auto, PLI schemes of the Government, a lower manufacturing cost vis-à-vis developed economies and an industry with an established track record.

However, while select auto component manufacturers have done well, there are many others who lack the visibility and the ability to get introductions to the OEMs. There is also good potential for diversification by auto component manufacturers into other engineering products as the same facilities and tooling deployed for auto components, can be deployed for their manufacture. Apart from the organized sector there are also a large number of unorganized sector players, catering to the auto aftermarket.

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Western India based, multi-facility supplier to OEMs in auto,power and bicycle sectors.
North India based supplier of complete integrated range of auto electrical parts.
Component manufacturer for plastic gears, tubular & machining, electrical and other components with plants across North & West.

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