What we do

Capximize is a business-to-business platform that enables organizations with surplus manufacturing capacity and organizations looking for outsourcing capacity to discover and connect with each other.

Industries we cover

We cover the following industry sectors:
Capximize Auto Components

Auto components

Capximize Electronics and electrical

Electrical & electronics

Capximize Pharmaceutical Manufacturing


Capximize Textile Icon


Capximize Chemical Icon

Specialty chemicals

Which organizations can join Capximize

The Capximize platform is open to all manufacturing organizations with surplus capacity (Capximizer) or looking to get capacity (Capximizee) from organizations in India. It is also open for organizations based anywhere in the world (outside India) looking for capacity, we help them connect them with the right organizations in India.

We have large conglomerates, MNCs, medium and small organizations as our members, it is open to organizations of all sizes.

Benefits of manufacturing capacity exchange

Acquiring manufacturing capacity is required in several situations such as setting up regional manufacturing hubs, going asset light, managing seasonality, contingency planning for demand etc.

Similarly, organizations may choose to offer  their available capacity due to desire for scale, for diversification or for going global.

Membership of Capximize portal is free for all organizations, we do not charge.

Our team regularly meets organizations in 1-to-1 interactions (by appointment), in industry seminars and events across the country and is also available on call and email.

We understand the importance of approaching each work integrally and believe in the power of simple.

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