About us

Capximize is a knowledge-based global digital platform for surplus manufacturing capacities in India for the use by both domestic and global corporates. It uses a proprietary algorithm to make the right recommendations. Here is where you can know more about what we do.

We are here to change the way manufacturing is done and revitalize India’s manufacturing sector. 

The platform has been developed as a result of years of collaborative efforts of several industry stalwarts and sector experts who have spent decades in manufacturing shop floors.

Who are we

Capximize is a venture of a reputed entrepreneurial Indian group, backed by a professional leadership team. Our team is passionate about transforming the manufacturing landscape by making industries utilize their assets better. In India alone, surplus capacity results in the loss of $175 billion p.a. annually of manufacturing opportunity without creating new facilities.

Our journey so far

In a short time, we have acquired thousands of members with hundreds more being added every week. The net turnover of companies currently registered on Capximize exceeds INR 600 billion (INR 60,000 crores).

Capximize started with the coming together of three minds passionate about contributing to the growth of the manufacturing sector viz. Siddharth Mehra, Avinash Bapat and Uday Maydeo.

In 2020, we 
conducted a study to identify the sectors which can benefit the most from capacity collaboration between organizations with surplus capacity and organizations seeking capacity collaboration. We commissioned comprehensive studies by industry experts for each of the above sectors. We studied the manufacturing processes followed in each sector and sub-sector and arrived at the data points that needed to be gathered to enable capacity collaboration. Currently, the Capximize portal collects 3,500 data points provided by our members.

A management team was put in place. The development of the backend platform inclusive of the recommender algorithms and the UI/UX was done. A US based technology firm was engaged to design the UI/UX and a proprietary algorithm. Offices were put in place in multiple cities. Alliances and marketing events were rolled out.

Most of your participation will be online.

Company vision, mission & values


To enable global unification of the manufacturing sector


Create a global platform for surplus manufacturing capacities and recommend a right partner through secured proprietary algorithm driven platform


Integrity | Empowerment | Transparency

We understand the importance of approaching each work integrally and believe in the power of simple.

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