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As explained here, it takes just 15 minutes to register and open an account with Capximize. Not doing this can result in your missing the opportunity to strike a capacity deal worth millions.

For your benefit, we have compiled the different types of manufacturing capacity situations where Capximize is useful. One or more of these will apply to your own firm.

For organizations looking for capacity (for Capximizees)



Avoid fresh investment in capex, let the business run on opex.
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Sourcing security

Prepare for sourcing security. There is never enough component capacity available at least not at an affordable price, when demand hits the roof.
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Cost arbitrage

An important goal in subcontracting is to have a cost arbitrage. You may already be aware of and have arrangements with well-known suppliers in your industry. However, there could be other unknown, lower cost suppliers.
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Virtual manufacturing

Looking to start a new business? You may be considering avoiding the trouble of establishing your own manufacturing plant. If Apple and a thousand D2C companies can do it, so can you! No need to set up and run a plant. Outsource 100%.

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Merchant exports

You may be an organization with strengths in trading and exports. Reach out to our vast network of organizations.
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Regional manufacturing hubs

You may be acquiring components from far away, adding to your logistics and warehousing cost. Or, a growing market may push you to establish more localized manufacturing in hitherto remote locations. We help you find suppliers located across the country.

For organizations looking to offer capacity (Capximizers)


Sectoral diversification

You may have capacity which can be used in other sectors. E.g. it may be that you are currently supplying auto components but your machine shop can service the requirement of other industries e.g. engineering, steel, construction etc. Thus, we at Capximize can help you diversify.

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Additional business opportunity

You may have capacity that is sub-optimal so you need to tie up with someone with a complementary product line so that together you will be able to become a preferred vendor to somebody. That’s how we help.

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Companies globally are searching for vendors. India is the next hot destination. Capximize with its database of thousands of manufacturers will rank increasingly high in Google, which you as a solitary manufacturer is unlikely to (Google’s SEO concepts). Do you want to miss the opportunity of a lifetime just because you are too busy to list on Capximize right away?

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Quick and high ROI

Utilizing your available idle capacity is the best way to generate additional returns for the business.
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