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We create magic with manufacturing capacities.

If you are a manufacturer of auto components, electrical & electronics, chemicals, pharmaceuticals or textiles and looking to better utilize your surplus capacity or are a company looking to outsource manufacturing of some of these items you should join Capximize. In fact, even if you don’t have a current requirement, you should join Capximize.

The reasons are

It takes just 15-20 minutes time to become our member.

If you are looking to utilize a third party manufacturing capacity, it takes even less time to find/search for an organization in our database.

And if you are looking to offer capacity, you don’t have to search at all, you will be automatically contacted when there is an enquiry.

No other effort is required by you.

Joining and using Capximize currently is totally FREE.

Thus, with just a few minutes investment in time, you can automatically get connected to other organizations.

The specific advantages of Capximize

We are a knowledge-based global digital platform for surplus manufacturing capacities and the first and only one of its kind. Organizations should join Capximize because we have:

Large selection of companies

We have a very large and growing number of company listings. By not listing here you could be missing an opportunity, irrespective of whether you are a capacity provider or a capacity seeker.

Depth of information

We have detailed information on process and equipment-wise capacity at the plant/location level as well as key company information for a wide range of industry sectors, sub-sectors and product lines.

Accurate recommendation

We have a recommender engine which is sophisticated, rather it is intelligent, it is capable of accurately selecting the right companies from the Capximize database that match the capacity requirement being searched for.

Simple to use

The process of searching for companies for capacity is simple.


We are online and open to companies around the world looking for capacity. Regarding the companies with surplus capacity, for now we have restricted these to companies operating from India.

Data privacy

Your data is kept anonymous and used only under agreed safeguards. We share those details at the time of your enrolment. You can also read them here.


We keep adding new value-added features and sectors/sub-sectors to the platform from time to time.

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