Top 7 – Textile Companies in India

Top 7 Textile Companies in India Top 7 – Textile Companies in India, an Introduction: Top 7 – Textile Manufacturing Companies in India – Here is an attempt by Capximize, to share important information about India’s textile industry, a kaleidoscope of tradition and innovation, boasts a diverse array of players…
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Make in India : Empowering Growth and Innovation

Manufacturing in India: Empowering Growth and Innovation through “Make in India” Initiative Introduction The “Make in India” initiative, started by the Indian government, has played a pivotal role to promote  Manufacturing in India, attract foreign investment, and foster innovation. India’s Manufacturing sector has seen remarkable growth in recent years, establishing…
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Auto Component Manufacturing: How AI-Empowered Robots work

Revolutionizing Auto Component Manufacturing: How AI-Empowered Industrial Robots work and are taking over Introduction to Auto Component Manufacturing Importance of auto components in the automotive industry and finding Auto manufacturers in India: Auto components play a crucial role in the functioning and performance of vehicles. These components encompass a wide…
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How to Find Right Pharmaceutical Contract Manufacturing Company

Introduction Find Right Pharmaceutical Contract Manufacturing Partner. India is the 3rd largest manufacturer of Pharmaceuticals in the world in terms of volume. Pharmaceutical contract manufacturing companies are leading contributors in making India the pharmacy of the world. There are approximately 11,000 pharmaceutical manufacturing units in India. A large number of these companies are also involved in…
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Effective Ways of Reducing the Cost of Manufacturing

Global economy is going through a churn with increased inflation and volatility in fuel prices. The manufacturing sector is facing several challenges such as high material cost, high logistics cost, supply chain disruptions due to contingencies, business uncertainties, etc. Hence, reducing the cost of manufacturing has become a top priority for…
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6 Advanced Tips to Scale Up Production

How can Textile Manufacturing companies in India scale up their production? Here are some advanced tips to scale up production. Do the Textile Manufacturing companies have the necessary business systems, infrastructure and teams to accommodate growth? OR Do the Textile Manufacturing companies have to depend on third parties (reliable partners)…
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