Capximize helps enhance Manufacturing Capacity Utilization

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Introduction: What is Capximize:

Capximize is an online revolutionary global platform. The platform makes Indian manufacturing capacities virtual to the world. It uses a proprietary algorithm to discover and recommend matching capacity requirements. The Concept Creator & Founder, Mr. Avinash Bapat, replies to some of the key questions and clarifications regarding this new concept. We help manufacturers enhance their manufacturing capacity utilization.


What inspired you to start this company and why you have chosen textile industry as one of the sectors?

The concept of Capximize was devised basis the initiative of of  “Make in India”. The initiative was launched by our Hon. Prime Minister on India, Shri Narendra Modi. According to the Government statistics at present, India utilises barely 60% of its installed manufacturing capacities whereas, even developing countries like Brazil and Vietnam utilise 83% – 84% of their installed capacities. A global platform offering detailed information on available surplus manufacturing capacities in India is the genesis of creating the Capximize platform.

The sectors selected have a substantial growth opportunity. Currently India offers large available manufacturing options for the global market. The Textile sector leads the pack!

Please tell us about the concept of your company and how it is beneficial for textile manufacturing industry?

The concept is to offer visibility to the Indian textile sector to the global markets. The platform has further divided the textile sector in multiple subsectors. A detailed curated information is collected regarding processes, machineries, capabilities, compliances, etc., depicting the available spare capacity by the Indian textile manufacturers to be utilised by domestic/inter- national companies. Additional business opportunities to the sector resulting in higher capacity utilisation leading to higher return on capital employed.

How textile industry is different from other industries in terms of information technology?

Digital India has become the reality and textile sector has been keeping themselves updated in the information technology field. Our experience so far has shown that hundreds of textile companies have been utilising the platform without any difficulty.

Today information technology play vital role in the field of textile manufacturing industry, would you share your opinion about it?

Global visibility to every member of the textile industry is possible only due to our secured cloud-based platform. Our proprietary algorithm brings about the right partnership for use of available spare capacities in textile sectors.

Could you please elaborate on working of your company? How do you feel for the same?

Capximize India is a platform wherein a capximizer means the company having spare/surplus manufacturing capacity upload the details. The data is kept, not only secured but also, confidential. Capximizee ie. Indian/ International company which is looking for Pan-India manufacturing options, searches on the platform as per their parameters to find matching partnership. The Capximizee beat Indian or International company saves equity capital and time for setting up new manufacturing capacities but instead can start “plug and play” ready facilities and expand the business.

What are the key features of your company?

Key features are:

Knowledge – We have spent two years in learning the new nuance of understanding manufacturing capacities. The design of the information architecture is done by professionals from each sectors /sub sectors who have spent maximum time in production facilities on shopfloor to visibility.

Visibility – As Capximize India is a global platform it offers visibility of spare capacities of Indian corporates to the domestic and international companies (Capximizers); similarly, it also offers Pan India manufacturing options to India / International companies (Capximizees)

Technology – The cloud-based technology platform has its own proprietary algorithm which matches the availability of capacity with the exact need of the capacities in a secured environment. The Information architecture of the platform is easy to understand and interpret. This done by dividing the sectors into sub-sectors; and the sub-sectors into processes or components. Parametrization of the UI/UX makes it very simple for the user to complete the information. It takes barely 20-30 mins to upload or search information.

Competition – Capximize is not a product directory but a detailed analytics of surplus manufacturing capacities in India for global use. Our annual subscription is very attractive – considering  the entire data management and search for additional business for its members, the effective cost per month is less than Rs. 1000, for the entity

Capximize India selectively offers free registration to the members of some of the sectoral manufacturing associations.

What challenges have you faced while start up stage and growing a business pertaining to textile manufacturing industry?

The concept of Capximize platform is different than the commonly known B2B platforms. As Capximize India would like to offer available spare manufacturing capacity in textile sector to the global players it needs extensive explanation. We need to explain we are in the space of digitizing and making surplus spare manufacturing capacities in textile industry virtual for the global use. Its a new concept! It takes an effort for a new concept, not only to be understood, but also to be appreciated.

Cloud technology will be technology of the future, could you please share your opinion about it?

The Capximize India platform has already consider the futuristic benefits of cloud-based technology and hence it’s a cloud-based platform from the beginning. With all the security features incorporated, the cloud technology makes the platform available 24×7, 365 days.

How do you see the textile manufacturing business prospect in india?

Indian government has come up with several export promotion policies for the textiles sector. It has also allowed 100% FDI in the sector under the automatic route. The governement of India has introducted the PLI scheme. The PLI scheme will be a major booster for the textile manufacturers. The PLI scheme will benefit the manufacturers by $1.44 billion. We are extremely bullish on the Indian textile sector and its ability to grow it oversee in the international and domestic market. This sector also generates substantial employment opportunities which is the need of the hour today for the Indian economy.

What is the plan of your company to expedite the business in India?

A global technology platform with knowledge as a driver, curated user-friendly data about available spare manufacturing capacity, Capximizes showcases the Textile sector to the world. The platform offers manufacturers, a pan-India solution and options of moving from Capex made into Opex. This would result in speedy business growth for the sector


We understand the importance of approaching each work integrally and believe in the power of simple.